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Hello, booklikes friends,

I haven't been around for a long time... most of all I'm sorry I never kept up with the supernatural book club, but I have the best reason.


As soon as my grandson was born I was distracted with a big move from Tennessee to Ohio and then grandparenting with full-time babysitting duties. In between, I've read and listened to books and managed to finish the novel I was working on for the past two and a half years. I'm sorry to say I haven't written any book reviews lately, but I hope to begin again because I know first hand how important book reviews are to authors' stories.


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Coming soon...

DREAMER A Ukrainian World War II story by Elisabeth Zguta now available for preorder, to be released June 16th




Galicia, 1939. Confusion and terror reigns. Constant battles between the various occupiers of Ukraine keep the people of Lviv unnerved. One young boy from nearby Halych watches the turmoil and tries to understand. He wants to hold onto his future, and a future for his family, and country.

A story never told before, about the plight of Ukrainians from a child's perspective. A story of strength gained not by fighting a war, but by uniting as a people and remaining respectful of culture, religion, and freedom.

Dreamer is a story about a Ukrainian boy, Ivan Rudenko, during WWII. His unique perspective explores the adversity that he and his family face from all directions. Overtaken by the Polish, the Russians, and then the Germans, the family help victims and counsel their neighbors. But shortly after the Nazi occupation, they find there's no more hope for freedom. Unable to help their Jewish neighbors any longer from oppressors, they flee toward their unknown future.

Living in the middle of wartime chaos, the family faces harsh realities and choose to hope for a better future despite the odds.

Ivan meets new friends along their journey through Slovakia and then the Bohemian Black Forest, people with their own stories. Finding hope in Regensburg, the family dreams of becoming American citizens and finding a home at last. They bear witness to the struggles of the war's aftermath, compiled with the anxiety of waiting their turn to emigrate.

This is a story about keeping the dream of a free Ukraine alive and one boy's search for a home.