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Paranormal Series Based ~ Ghost Rescuers Lacey & Sam

Soul Walk  - Melissa Bowersock

Helping Trapped Souls never gets old for this paranormal team.


Another great story based on the likable paranormal team, Sam Firecloud and Lacey Fitzpatrick. The characters are following a long arc and in this book have come together, determined to make things work out for them personally as well as professionally.


I enjoyed this creative duo and that they are open to new things, willing to sacrifice in order to help others. The construction worker medium and the ex-cop researcher both work toward the same goal---to help trapped souls. No matter how things evolve, they keep their ground and listen to their hearts.


These characters are very identifiable. Even on their bad day, you can't help but admire them. The story is a quick read, great for those moments in the day when you want to chillax. Melissa Bowersock writes well, the pace flows smoothly and the scenes put the reader right there on a comfy sofa or in the middle of the action.


This is definitely a great series for those readers who like paranormal ghost stories without gore, quick easy, enjoyable storytelling.