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The River Is Dark by Joe Hart - A Must Read

The River Is Dark - Joe Hart

Heartbreaking Thriller You Should Read

The best book I've read in awhile, this is an excellent thriller. The writing is crisp and authentic. The prologue begins with the scene of a murder where and we are instantly thrown into the story. A confused young boy is traumatized by his witness to the murder of his parents. Then in chapter one, we meet the protagonist, the haunted Liam Dempsey, who travels to Tallston to find out about his brother's murder only to discover there have been other murders in the small city. The mystic of the story mounts as we are introduced to an array of interesting characters, all with difficult situations, and some sad circumstances. This well-paced story will keep you turning pages. The more we learn about Liam, his problems and shortcomings, the more we appreciate his strengths. The most revered is his ability to love even after being rejected, perhaps that's why he is able to accept others around him who are far from perfect. This is not only a conspiracy thriller, it also is a heartbreaker. You'll jump in your seat and grab the tissues. After reading this story you may reconsider the definitions of normal and beauty. You may discover the meaning of true unconditional love. I highly recommend this book.