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Cruising For Death Kate Jones Thriller #5 Review

There's No Stopping Kate

Kate Jones Thriller #5

This Kate Jones book is action packed and danger-filled with every turn of the page. Kate goes from one situation to the next reacting with a creativity that only this strong heroine can pull off. The protagonist is a strong willed, determined, and brave women -- loyal to boot. All the characters are well developed, the scenery and situation unique, quirky even, and the plot well developed. I especially enjoyed the scene with a voodoo ceremony, it adds flavor to the story. Traipsing through the islands with the protagonist is like riding a tornado, fast, zig-zagging, and impulsive. The story is a fun read and has a good ending. I recommend this book for those who like their thrillers with payback.


I read this book back in July, but only found time to post the review now. It's a great story to read any time of year :)