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Dark, Compelling Story

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Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Dark things can happen in people's lives, becoming something worse when buried deep. This story has a strong voice, and the protagonist has serious problems to confront. The topic of cutting is handled in a way the reader can empathize. As the story progresses, the protagonist exposes old wounds, not just physical but emotional as well. The reader discovers the layers of guilt alongside the main character, as she becomes horrified by the evil truth. The pace moves easily through the dysfunctional town and the sad shadows of her past. The psychological torture she endured soon is revealed. Issues and feelings, dredged up from the past, lead to a tense ending. Faded memories become clear and the danger is eminent. If you like the bizarre psychodrama and don't mind reading about sex and promiscuity, but love the danger of dealing with evil, then this is for you.