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In the Woods  - Tana French, Steven Crossley

In The Woods is an excellent story. (This is a review for the audible book):

The book has an interesting plot and even better characters. The relationships were fleshed out well. This story has unique psychological twists -- A mystery and a previous mystery-- secrets were kept until the protagonist himself recognized the truth.


The pace was well spaced and kept my interest. The narrator did a great job with the voices, was clear and well understood. The writing was smooth, with a strong clear voice.


The story is set in Ireland and the descriptions well laid. The plot twists from the present murder investigation then back to a previous crime in which the protagonist is involved, doing so with smoothness and without any disruption to the flow.


The main character is flawed but brilliantly written so we can understand his POV. Why do we block out painful memories, why do certain situations tug at the threads until all unravels? This is the key to everything.


I recommend reading or listening to this wonderfully written story.