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Terrifying Short Horror Story - Great Writing

Black Canyon - Jeremy Bates


The author Jeremy Bates is one of my favorites. My experience with his stories began in 2012, when I read his award winning novel, White Lies. Then he wrote: Taste of Fear, Suicide Forest, Catacombs and more. His style of delving into the mind of characters, in well paced suspense plots, keeps the horrific thrills going. The chilling twisted endings are the best and will keep any horror fan returning to his work.


Black Canyon is a short story but delivers a big punch of terror.


Great writing! A quick read but not short on suspense and character development. The plot unfolds in a well-paced excursion and the unhealthy psyche of Brian, the protagonist, is revealed as his survival is challenged. Total surprise and twisted ending! Try to read the story without reading spoilers for best effect.

This is a great horror short story that will keep you engrossed and send shivers up your spine, until the end. It may change your camping habits, as well.