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REVIEW of Linger 5: "The Death of Dreams" Escalates the Psychological Horror

Linger 5: The Death of Dreams (A Linger Thriller) - Edward Fallon, Rob Cornell

The Death of Dreams, book five of the Linger series, is an intense story.


The plot uses psychological horror, leading our three protagonists down a twisted path. This story is not for the lighthearted, there is gore and monstrous elements that make it a real grisly thriller that will have you biting your nails (if you have any left after reading the first four books). The creepy small town and frigid winter storm will keep you shivering, as well.


Kate Messenger tries to remain in control but quickly discovers her police training is of no use here, when she comes up against a foe with abilities she has never confronted before. The pain of their individual loss is used against each companion and takes control of their minds. This force hits the target head on, when Weston is compelled by memories which he could not fight off. The urge for one more experience with his family, even though not real, is too strong. At a few pivotal scenes the heroes are doomed, leaving doubt about their survival from this abominable situation. Once again Christopher shows how strong his powers are and is able to pull his friends back to safety, maybe . . . The last story of the first five in the Linger series has an acceptable ending.

The reader is left with some ideas of what is going to happen to them now that they have faced so many horrors together. Once you've finished reading book five, you will want more books to be written in this series, because it's easy to imagine so much more that could happen to this odd ball group of friends, Kate, Weston and Chris, during their suspenseful quest for the beast.


I've been lucky to read the ARC copies, and all 5 stories are available for preorder now -  to be released July 1st. Once you begin your reading journey you will keep reading . . .

This is a GREAT SERIES that's well worth your time. Hoping that more stories will be written about this courageous band of characters. (heard more to come :D )


Bravo, well done, leaving the reader wanting more.