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This Series Is Compelling - This Story is an Uber Creepy Addictive Read

Linger 4: Here There Be Monsters (A Linger Thriller) - Edward Fallon, Will Graham

REVIEW of Linger 4: Here There Be Monsters from ARC received


Another great story in the Linger series- book four, Here There Be Monsters, is yet another terrifying experience especially for Kate Messenger. The three companions: Kate, Weston, and Chris, are still traveling and chasing the beast together, however, Kate decides to take on more of the burden. Worried as she witnesses Christopher’s continued breakdowns and bad dreams, she pulls in resources that will assist to make use of her crime fighting training. Kate asks for help from her network of friends in the field, and the reader is introduced to colorful personalities: a confidant of hers, a cop from Chicago named Mooch, and his Texan sister MK (officially named Colonel Baxter), and more—homicide detectives and yes, Rangers, too. The setting is Texas after all!

Feeling empowered, Kate decides to go the extra mile. Although filled with confidence, she has no idea the depth of the horrors she would get herself into . . . I will not say more because I don’t want to be a spoiler. Let’s just say the story creeps forward building up, and then something unexpected happens that will force you to turn the lights on.

The monsters that Kate faces are darker than any she has ever confronted before. The climax scene is not for the light hearted—and reads like a true hard horror that would make King proud. The story pulls together the threads and the three companions come to realize just how serious, no heinous, their quest has become . . . The dangers they face concern various law enforcement entities, as well. The beast is on everyone’s radar and yet to be confronted. The hero trio knows the beast has to be stopped. I’m going off to read book five now—can’t put it off any longer. This is a very exciting series.