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REVIEW of Reckoning for the Damned Book 3 of the LINGER Series

The quest continues with book three of the Linger series—

Reckoning for the Damned.


After leaving Alabama, the three loners are led to Apalache Springs Florida, still trying to avenge the loss of loved ones. Noah Weston, Kate Messenger and a boy named Christopher, begin trusting each other and accepting their limitations as well as talents, as they continue the search for the Beast. The characters get confused as they chase down clues that lead them following another crime by a former associate of Kate’s, Judge Hoffman, while they try to make sense of possible correlations. The story has many angles to follow and new characters to flesh out,

as well as another killer, the Harbinger—or is it two killers?

(show spoiler)

They mix it up with the FBI and have no idea what they are getting into . . . some real cliff hangers. The protagonists try to understand what is relevant, who is trustworthy, and just what the hell is happening to them. Christopher undergoes strange physical possession, while Kate is pushed into a new paranormal experience of her own and loses control. Whatever could go wrong, does go wrong, in this twisted story plot, which unfolds some surprising revelations. Great character development, intense story progression, and another coaxing end, will leave you wanting to read the next book in the series. Lucky for you there are two more.