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Trail of the Beast - Review of book two of Linger series (pre-order now)

— feeling amazing

Reading this second Linger  book was total enjoyment. I was fortunate to have an advanced reader's copy.


Literally I couldn't wait to keep reading. Not that it's a happy story - but it pulls you into the bizarro world filled with tension and suspense.


Book two of the Linger series, Trail of the Beast, takes off and never stops, beginning with page one, when ex-detective Kate Messenger joins her two friends in order to chase a murderer.


The three characters unite in the pursuit of the 'Beast', a name they branded the killer of their loved ones. Avenging her mother’s murderer, Kate joins a strange blind clairvoyant boy named Christopher and a man named Noah Weston—together they follow the trail left by a little girl named Lucy, who through mental telepathy communicates with the boy Chris.


The setting is a small town in Alabama, Singer, and the reason for its name is eerie enough to have them turn around. The heroes, confronted with unusual circumstances, seek the assistance of the local Catholic priest, Morales.


The main plot—to chase down the beast, soon becomes a game of hide and seek, and set ups. The twisted becomes even more bizarre as paranormal activity of a nearby river intertwines with the forces that they are already dealing with. Like book one, the story reads smoothly and is so suspenseful that I could not stop reading, riveted to every word.


The relationship between the three companions is explored, as well as the interaction with the new people they meet, and feels genuine. The storyline compels the reader into the heart pounding fear for them all, as they are literally running for their lives, almost scared to death. The protagonists learn that together they will succeed but only if they trust each other.


I had to keep reading the next book. That's the beauty of this series - on July 1st you will have books 1-5 to feed your reading needs. . . This book is filled with great suspense, great character development, and a very eerie and scary story.


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