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Don't Miss this New Suspense Series: Linger (Worth every second of reading)

I am fortunate to have received ARC copies of the first five books of a new series - Linger by Edward Fallon.


This is one supernatural suspense series you won't want to miss. The greatest part is that we have five books ready to be released to satisfy our reading frenzy -- and you will want to keep reading!


I have submitted my advance review below- It's GREAT!  You can preorder for July 1st release here: Amazon


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A Wild Night  . . .


Linger: Dying Is A Wild Night is a captivating story that draws the reader into the suspense. Once you begin reading you'll have to finish. The characters are intriguing and likable. The plot twists and sends the reader into surprising directions, while the fluent writing of Edward Fallon easily pulls you along for the ride. It is an excellent first story for the Linger series, comfortably setting the stage for future adventures.

I liked the paranormal aspects of the storyline, using the boy Christopher as the medium, from whom all else stems. The supernatural occurrences are described in a succinct and believable manner, and make one stop to ponder some questions. What are our minds capable of? Can we experience more if we push limitations? How can we use our minds for good? I always enjoy a story that stretches my imagination. Like any good suspense drama, we have gruesome murderers who you'll like to hate, as well as a great last minute reveal.

Last but not least, there is a compelling protagonist who will win you over. She is Detective Lieutenant Kate Messenger, a strong willed, decisive, woman who rolls with the tide; willing to do what needs to be done to find a killer, the beast. Encouraged by her actions, the truth is revealed. She stands as a woman who won't be pushed around or tolerate bad behavior, and she manages bad situations with intelligence. During the storyline, you see her character grow, learning with each new development. I whole heartily recommend this book and looking forward to the next.