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J.F. Penn wrote a wonderful story that is highly entertaining.

Gates of Hell: An ARKANE Thriller (Book 6) - J.F. Penn

This book is action packed like you would expect from any book in the ARKANE series, but this story added more than the previous. Morgan, the main protagonist, was joined once again with Jake to work a case— but this time it was personal for her.

What I liked about this plot is that more of Morgan's past, and her relationship with her father, was revealed. This added depth to her character. It also explained so much about her obsession for the truth and her insatiable appetite for religious artifacts. Another side of Morgan that the reader got a glimpse of was her ability to see and accept people for who they are. Her reaction to Jake, and her ability to accept his 'limitations', showed a caring side of her personality.
The tension was high throughout the story, as Morgan overcomes one obstacle then falls in front of another. The character of Mikael was introduced —a great portrayal of a truly faithful man, strong and heroic in an unassuming way. The idea of true sacrifice always makes for a great story, even if he becomes a tragic hero. Of course countering the good was a great villain in Adam Kadmon, another zealot.

The settings were magical, and the Houska Castle is a great choice for the finale, with the haunting stories that surround the place. Other interesting components added in this book were: flamenco nights in Seville, the Kabbalism, the Sefer Yetzirah, the creation of golem and other religious ideas.

I enjoy reading books when I learn something new, especially if done well. This book gave the reader a great value, with added goodies at the end, as well as more information on the topics discussed in the story. I recommend anyone who enjoys high adventure to read The Gates Of Hell.