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Be Curious & Band Together For Common Goals

By Seth Godin - Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us (9/21/08) - Seth Godin

I enjoyed reading the book, nodding my head the entire time. So much of what Seth points out, I can relate to looking back at my own experiences in the past. I understand the power behind the tribe mentality, especially at the edge of major change. That's the time when everyone is looking for a leader - someone to offer a way to make sense and empower people to reach the new goals.

When I worked for a company that went from a single entrepreneur owner to a company on the stock exchange, everyone was afraid and those who banded together, created the commercial process that led us to success. The YCC culture was formed. There are so many ways to enrich our working lives, and personal lives - and this new POV is crucial in this century, which is set apart from other generations by the pure nature and volume of knowledge available, and the rate of changes we encounter. Being a curious person myself, and sometimes referred to as an instigator, now I realize it was just my own nature to jump at new ideas.

This book is a great tool for anyone who leads people, or is ever a member of a team effort. Everyone can be a leader, often the situation lends itself to rotate the head position, giving our projects an even balance. Lessons learned: Set the ego aside – turn up the curiosity - and always be a life learner.