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Fire Of The Prophet - A Beck Casey Thriller (Casey #2)

Fire Of The Prophet - A Beck Casey Thriller (Casey #2) - Earl Merkel Pow! The opening chapter is a shocker, and you are immediately swept into a scenario that keeps the reader wanting to know more. Vivid scenes, like in an action film, take you into the story that is relevant to current topics of today. Earl Merkel brings the reader close to the action, of what could be real life situations, and your worst nightmare come true! He uses his words to paint realism into the story, a candid and raw picture, entirely human.

The characters are developed with great insights into the daily life and business of journalism, politics and the military. Tense, suspenseful, nerving, and nail biting action, fill the pages. The author uses powerful words, and visual symmetry, while keeping the story timeline organized and easy to follow along, with multiple viewpoints and plots that are all part of the bigger picture. The flow from place to place, person to person, is done well.

Merkel brings unique flavor when he writes about the military side of the equation. A clear picture of the trauma and urgency, the men and women in active duty must endure every day, brought a new appreciation for our brave soldiers. Touching scenes of families reaching out to each other are emotional and heartfelt.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes action, spy plots and a good look at the humanity (or lack of by terrorists) behind the scenes. I thank you Earl Merkel for writing this wonderful tale. This book will surely be a story you will remember.