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Revenant: A Paskagankee Novel

Revenant: A Paskagankee Novel - Allan Leverone Excellent story telling! If you like supernatural tales, with zombies and curses Revenant is for you. It is the sequel to Paskagankee, (which is also the name of the small town in Maine where this all takes place). Both stories are about murder in a small Maine town. The supernatural continues to create mayhem with the inhabitants, as forces are visited from the outside. The town’s people are for the most part, secluded from the usual perils of crime, the biggest danger is probably the drunkenness that is often seen in small desolate communities which struggle to survive. This far away, secluded corner of the world, is desired by those who want a place to hide away – thus the real tragedies begin when the outsiders bring with them supernatural elements. I don’t want to spoil the story, because this is a great one you should read. It is - Imaginative, well-paced and good character development.