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Skeletons of Birkbury

Skeletons of Birkbury - Diana J. Febry If you like old villages, country gossip, and some wild driving, check out this charming story. A great Detective story! A new discovery of old bones, buried near an oak tree in a forgotten field, drives Chief Inspector Peter Hatherall and Detective Inspector Fiona Williams down a road of village skeletons. The clues revealed by the village characters, after hours of interviews and footwork, bring the reader closer to old stories and places. Murder and mayhem follow an elite group of land owners.... Barriers of class are broken to hide secrets. Sometimes a crime is beyond understanding, but it affects all those touched by the act in some emotional way. The detectives try to understand what happen as they weave their way through bizarre behaviors. Peter also deals with his own personal skeletons. He tries to come to terms with his past and pave a way for a better future with his family. I enjoyed reading this who done it, and watch as a couple of detectives find their way to work together.