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Ninety-five percent Human

Ninety-five percent Human - Suzanna Williams Ninety-Five Percent Human Is Refreshingly New and Imaginative
Excitement spills from the pages, as teenager Joe and his discovered alien girlfriend Sarah, chase down dangerous aliens to save his family farm, the world and the people they care about. The reader follows along with Joe, not always knowing who to trust or what to expect next. If you want drama, unexpected perils, and heroic characters – this is the story. Suzanna Williams has done a great job at making aliens seem feasible. The characters all have believable depth, as if they were your own relatives. The Sci-fi elements of the plot are refreshingly new and imaginative. The hills and countryside are beautifully described, bringing the reader to a nice place to visit. Well done Suzanna – I recommend this book to anyone who seeks a roaring good story.