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Whisper In The Dark

Whisper In The Dark - Robert Gregory Browne Great story! This book moves the reader along with an excellent pace, a twisted plot, and detectives who weave the way to an unexpected resolution. This story has a lot of the basic stuff we like in a thriller – murder, a serial killer on the loose, cryptic notes, old mental hospitals, the strange beliefs of folks from deep Louisiana, detectives, docs and nurses… the list of characters are a who’s who in any thriller, but Browne does justice to the story with great story telling and motivated characters. Detective Blackburn blazes his way through another perilous maze, gets knocked down but keeps on going. Doc Tolan makes a great character of interest with a well-developed history we can empathize with, but the best part of this story is the supernatural slant. Not your typical monster or psycho b**ch, but a refreshing look at life after death and a possible scenario of the balance between life and death, the rhythm of the river of life. Don’t judge people, but try to hear what they are telling you – it just may save your life. Great story Robert Gregory Browne.