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All the Blue-Eyed Angels

All the Blue-Eyed Angels - Jen Blood The characters are authentic with real life sensibilities, and woven deep into the scenes, real life reactions to the unexplainable and very human compulsions. Doubts, curiosity, trust, friendship and love - all real life struggles are explored from Erin's POV. The book dives straight into the mindset of Erin Solomon, as well as giving the supporting characters their own attributes and history.

The plot is twisted, the tone set by the strange, mysterious even, family and cult history. As the story progresses the reader feels the tension as Erin struggles to find out about her own past, as well as hunt down the real arsonist and murderer.

The story keeps a great pace, turning clue after clue, searching for the answers. The ending seems real life - often we don't get the complete picture, but we answer our questions one step at a time. It is a great way to do a sequel - and with this part completed, the reader wants to know more... so on to the next stone.

Great tension - great scenes - Jen Blood developed an organic storyline. Great writing and reading all around.