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Southern Cross (Erin Solomon Mysteries, #3)

Southern Cross (Erin Solomon Mysteries, #3) - Jen Blood They Can't Stay Out Of Trouble...

Page turning suspense and heroics, Erin Solomon along with her dog Einstein, and her loves: Jack and Diggs, find themselves in the middle of an explosive mess again. Struggling to find answers, Diggs gets into trouble while trying to discover the reason his best friend was murdered. Erin goes to the extreme, resorting to pleading with the devil himself, in order to help Diggs. Everyone's actions reveal a lot. Okay, that's cryptic but without giving anything away, the plot intertwines with the overall trail that Erin has been trying to stay away from since their last pitfall. No can do - it all comes back and explodes in their faces.

This story is a fast paced, wild ride, keeping the reader at the edge of the seat - that's right a real page turner. Getting to know the locals is easy with the fluid descriptions and deep character development. Some great relationship building scenes, drawing the reader into Erin's world as well as the other characters space. So join their world and read the series... I definitely recommend this series- a true thriller all the way, with each story becoming more intense. Great job Jen Blood.